I’ve Went Self Hosted!

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been posting at all this month, the titles your answer. I’ve went self hosted! Although you haven’t seen posts from me at all for a while, I’ve been working hard everyday behind the scenes on the new site. You can now find me on www.sincerelyreine.com

About the 2nd week of April, I decided to finally tell my family about my blog as I’ve been meaning to for awhile and shortly after, I’ve made a spontaneous decision and went self hosted! I knew I wanted to go self hosted someday, I just didn’t know when. I love blogging and it’s been such a big part of my life for the past year that I knew I definitely wanted a site of my own, where I’m able customize and control everything.

So this month, I’ve basically been really busy quietly working and getting to know the ins and outs of wordpress.org. As you can see, http://www.sincerelyreine.com is still not available for viewing yet, but if you want to continue to view my posts, please use the signup form found on my site to get notified by email when the site goes live plus receive weekly newsletters once the site has launched.

Please note, I don’t know the date when I’ll be able to set my site live and start regularly posting again as I’m a little busy right now getting ready to move back to Canada. I’m certain though that I’ll launch the site either end of May or beginning of June. Again, if you wish to be notified, please use this form!

This is the start of something new, and I am SO EXCITED that I can take this step forward. I hope to see you there when I launch my site!

If you wish, you can chat with me through email at sincerelyreine@gmail.com or through Twitter.

All the love




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16 thoughts on “I’ve Went Self Hosted!

  1. Congratulations Reine! That is a huge step and one that will allow you to do so much with your blog! going self hosted is definitely something that I want to do as well– but its a huge step– so I definitely admire you for taking it, as well as having the bravery to show your beautiful creativity to your parents. That inspires me. xx



  2. Hey Reine, just reading this now! Congratulation! Going self hosted is definitely something that I want to do as wellโ€“ but its a huge step so I’m really glad and happy for you! I’m new to this whole wordpress thing and I’m trying to feet here, I was hopping you could check my blog and give me any suggestions? Sorry to bother..


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