Life Lately | Learning How To Drive, Eating Too Much Pasta, Randomness & Other Little Things

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Oops. My ‘creative juices,’ as some people call it has not been flowing. But, I randomly got this urge today to write a post so here I am!

I’ve just got back from my vacation from Boracay, where I’ve spent 4 glorious days sunbathing and binging on amazzzing food. I wrote a post on it, make sure to give it a read if you haven’t already! I’ve included a lot of beach pictures!

I’m happy with my blog currently and I’m excited for future content here on Sincerely Reine because well, woohoo! Now that I’ve told you what country I’m in, the travel category here on my blog won’t look so sad and empty. I have plenty of adventures I would love to share with you!

I recently also started driving lessons. The first day I’ll admit I was a nervous wreck, like a NERVOUS WRECK. What if I crash the car? btw I almost did haah. What if I’m a horrible driver? But surprisingly it was easier than expected and I enjoy driving around so pat on the back for me for over worrying. Not to blow my own trumpet but I’m pretty good at it now if I do say so myself.

This month, I’ve also somehow ate way more pasta than I can count. White sauce, red sauce, pesto. You name it, I probably ate it. Devouring large quantities of pasta is what I do best! I mean, this is like the most random and irrelevant thing ever but since I share almost everything with you, I might as well give you this little bit of information… Right? Can you tell my writer’s block is still there?

Last but not least, I’ve finally,finally got a little bit of my blogging mojo back. I’ve planned out next months posts, and half of April’s. YESS! Although I’m still having trouble actually writing posts, I’m glad I’m finally getting some ideas.

So there are my little updates for you. Let me know, do you enjoy these types of posts where someone writes like they’re journaling, or do you prefer more ‘professionally’ written posts? I hope this week has been good for you!

What were you up to this week? Have you done anything exciting?

All the love




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82 thoughts on “Life Lately | Learning How To Drive, Eating Too Much Pasta, Randomness & Other Little Things

  1. UGH. Boracay was absolutely amazing when I visited way back in 2004! I wanna live in the Philippines again 😦

    Good luck with the driving lessons. It’s hard at first but with the right teacher and patience, you’ll master it in no time!

    ☼ cabin twenty-four


  2. I am so happy that you are brave enough to write up a journaling post. because so many “successful” bloggers warn us against it, saying that we need to stick to one topic– but honestly, its like a slice of your life– and I love it. I switched to brown rice pasta a while ago, and now I don’t feel guilty about eating it because I know that I am only eating brown rice :). as for what I did this week? Well–the highlight of my week was going to a meet up for girls who lost their parents and hearing a well known speaker talk about her cancer survival story. Strange highlight, but exciting and healing nonetheless.


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