Life Lately | Being Unconfident & Writers Block

Happy Wednesday! As it’s the first day of February, I thought I would do a chatty, catch up post and tell how the first month of 2017 went. This year I’m really aiming to achieve my new year goals, and with that being said I want to talk about confidence.



Last year, I became really self conscious of my body. I hated how unconfident I was and how my clothes never fit right. Really, I’m average weight for my height but I’ve learned that social media and who you choose to be around with can really affect how you look at yourself. This January I’ve started trying to change my perspective on how I see myself. One of the goals I also want to achieve is to lose a little weight. I’ve been eating healthier, exercising and cutting out all my junk food which surprisingly I’ve been managing to do! I’ve lost 4 pounds so far in two and a half weeks. The point of this isn’t because I want the number on the scale to be smaller, it’s because I want to feel confident in my body.

I’m really glad to be back from my hiatus, and I’m even happier that I’m able to talk with people from the blogging community again. I’ve met so many amazing people through my blog and blogging has helped me in so many ways possible. Sadly I’ve hit the dreaded writers block and don’t know what to write about which is a little frustrating, but I’ve been going on Twitter (which is a great way of finding bloggers!) and browsing through hashtags bloggers use often in hopes to get inspiration. To be honest the reason I’m writing this post is because it’s the easiest one to write about and I enjoy rambling πŸ™‚

For me this year has been off to a great start, and I hope it continues to be that way. Thanks for listening to my ramblings! I know this is a really short post, and I do hope I don’t sound like I’m complaining, I promise I’m not! Please bear with me while I try to come up with post ideas, I’m hoping to post regularly this year so I will try my best.

How did January go for you? Did you do or achieve anything exciting this month?

All the love




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32 thoughts on “Life Lately | Being Unconfident & Writers Block

  1. I forgot it was the last day of January.
    What an amazing month it’s been!
    Since December really, so much has been happening. Meeting new friends and family (yes, really), dealing with fallings out and loss, writing loads, and trying new things. Here’s to hoping that February has only amazing things in store for you!


  2. Awe great post! Same here to be honest with the body issues but congrats! Ahaha and writers block….yeah it sucks I tend to just write a short story of some sort for my feelings at that time. January’s been a really stressful month for me with exams coming up but it’s getting better πŸ˜€


  3. I’m so happy for you! I, too, am trying to eat healthier, work out more, and drink more water. Confidence is a tough nugget sometimes. I get writer’s block, too, but you have an amazing community! I will read anything that you write, Reine!


  4. It’s good to hear that you started your 2017 with a good foot. Confidence is something I struggled with too being short, quite flat chested and too skinny for some eyes. But I’m starting to love myself the way I am and I do hope that you’ll get back your confidence soon. x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me


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  6. I’ve been having a bit of writers block as well, it became so long since I posted on my blog that I was almost putting it off more but one of my goals for 2017 was to write and publish more, which I’m really glad I did, so happy to hear you’re more confident in your body! Hopefully this post beats your writers block!

    Gabrielle Isabella


  7. Just discovered your blog. Congrats on the healthy eating and I hope you’re having a good 2017 so far 😊 I’ve also joined twitter recently ! 😊


  8. LOL you are a rambler – CONGRATS! Welcome to the club! That said, stop worrying about your look and concentrate more on your feel (this is from and older mom type). As you get older you ARE going to change – not by choice but by nature (she is evil). Life will be so much happier when you learn to appreciate what you have and who you are. You have a fantastic sense of humor – hang tightly onto it! Humor is the necessary way to get through life. Cant’s wait for your next bit-o-humor! thank you for sharing!


    • Haha I am aren’t?! πŸ˜‰ Thank you, I do try not so but sometimes you see all these people who look absolutely incredible and then look at yourself not liking what you see, it can sometimes bring your confidence down a lot. I’m trying to focus on changing my mindset!


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  10. Ummm about the writing blocks…before I started my blog, I had all those great ideas and inspirational thoughts to express more of me but suddenly when I officially started my blog, it was all writings..I got a little disappointed yet I will never give up and I’ll be more confident just like you 😍✨


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