The Heart Wants What It Wants

The title may or may not be a reference to Selena Gomez 😉

These past few days have been really overwhelming for me, because my parents made me sit down with them and then proceeded to tell me that we’re moving back to Canada in British Columbia as soon as I get this school year done. I’m really surprised, to say the least because when we moved here, (I refer to the country I’m currently living in as here because of anonymity reasons) For the first year, I literally was begging my parents if we could move back, because I hated  Continue reading

Favourite Songs of The Month || July 2016

Hello beautiful people of the internet🙂 It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, so I though I would bring it back. Here are some of my most listened/favourite songs for this month!

Favourite Songs of The Month || July 2016

One dance by Drake (I can’t include a link as there is no video on YouTube of this song sung by Drake)

Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya

Footloose Continue reading

3am Thoughts || Late Night Thoughts

I wanted to write again because I’ve kinda been feeling lonely, so here I am. I’ve been doing school daily now, which I’m really proud of, but I feel as if I’m not doing enough to catch up. It’s been really difficult as I don’t have motivation, but I HAVE to finish just for the sake of a good future, right? I hope that someday I can go back to ‘regular’ school, believe it or not I miss the feeling of being in a classroom full of loud people and my friends annoying the Continue reading

3,000 Followers…!?!?!? Thank You For All The Love ❤️


July 9, 2016 my blog aka SincerelyReine reached an incredible amount of 3,000 followers. I honestly am mind blown right now, it’s so amazing and so surreal at the same time, I really can’t wrap my head around the fact that 3,000 people have seen my blog and chose to click that follow button. 3,00 is a lot and the fact that people are even reading my posts in the first place is really amazing and… ugh I’m speechless.
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I Did Something Today That I’m Proud Of || Life101

* Post written June 27, 2016. I’m still on blogging break guys, I just couldn’t keep away and really wanted to write so I did. I’ll be visiting with a post probably twice a month just for updates, I’m finally getting the hang of school and I refuse to stop until I finish this school year. I just really want to move on to the next chapter of my life, which by the way is really big life changing news for me. I’ll tell you soon enough once it’s going to happen, or once it is confirmed. I hope you enjoy this post, and thank you all for your continuous and incredible support ❤️*

It’s 10 pm and my day just ended, today I accomplished something I haven’t been able to do for half a year: do school. 

This morning when Continue reading

2,800+ Followers & Help Me Improve My Blog! 

Hello beautiful people of the Internet🙂 Yes, I know I’m on blogging break right now but for the past couple weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work on my blog to ensure that it’s easy for you to find your way around my site and doing changes design wise. So this is officially an update post, basically showing you the changes and improvements (hopefully) that I’ve made on my blog.

My blog at the moment, is growing pretty fast and I’ll be honest and say I’m a bit overwhelmed. I’m so grateful that SincerelyReine is getting recognition, because I never thought I’d get this far. I reached 2,800 followers last week, so thank you guys so so much for your support on my posts, it literally Continue reading